Project name: UNIT.Home Apartment by IK-architects
Project authors: Kristina Stavitskaya, Ekaterina Yarovaya, Katerina Vasilenko, Sergey Velichko

Location: UNIT.Home residential complex, Kyiv, Ukraine
Projected area: 43.5 m2

Living room-kitchen



The UNIT.Home project is an example of high-quality and thoughtful design of apartments for rent. The stylish small apartment, measuring almost 44 square meters, includes all the necessary functions and has a clear separation between public and private areas thanks to a carefully thought-out layout.

One of the current long-term trends is the transition from white interior to beige interior. This choice of color palette gives the apartment warmth and coziness.

In the interior design of the apartment, wear-resistant materials were used, such as decorative plaster, micro-concrete and wood cladding made of Egger chipboard in the Charleston Oak shade. This not only ensures the durability of the interior, but also gives it a natural and pleasant texture.

The modern lifestyle requires concise interior design and carefully thought-out functional solutions. Even in small spaces, the apartment provides storage systems and a visual component, which provides convenience and comfort for residents.

This project is a perfect example of a combination of elegant design, functionality and compliance with modern trends in the world of interior design.

UNIT.Home Apartment by IK-architects, Kyiv, Ukraine.