Private house project WHITE ANGLE

Private house project WHITE ANGLE by IK-architects

Project authors: Ekaterina Yarovaya

Visualization: Kristina Stavitskaya

Location: Relatives, Kharkiv region, Ukraine

Project name: WHITE ANGLE

Projected area: 229.2 m2

The WHITE ANGLE private house was created to hide from the bustle of the city and become an ideal place for a family with two children to live. Studio IK-architects has designed a unique exterior image of the individual house to fit perfectly into the open space of the site. This modern wood-panelled cottage is equipped with all the amenities needed for a comfortable family life and meetings with friends.

Barnhouse (barn house or barn house) is a modern architectural style characterized by simplicity of form, a gable roof, no overhangs, panoramic windows, second light (high ceilings in the living room of the house) and high-quality expensive facade finishing (seam roofing and solid wood, often planken made of larches).

The house represents an archetypal image in the form of a stylish volume with an asymmetrical, steep, gable roof - in the style of a barnhouse.

Facades include different finishing materials: painting, wooden lamellas - planking, metal elements of window slopes; Huge terrace overlooking the area. The total volume of the building creates a unique zoning of the site space, dividing the zones into private and public, and the planning solution of the cottage also provides for zoning: the 1st floor is public with a large living room kitchen with access to the terrace, two large glass sliding doors open to the south and west terraces, washing boundaries between inside and outside; while the second floor is completely given over to private use - a master bedroom for parents, a dressing room and a master bathroom, two children's rooms with wardrobe storage systems, and a separate bathroom; as well as a yoga area with access to the balcony - a place of solitude and meditation.

The canopy for 2 cars is made in the same style of the house, and visually flows in a horizontal line along the facade from the awning over the terrace to the carport. The canopy fit perfectly into the overall composition and balanced the asymmetric roof. The carport and entrance gate are one compositional story with a fence along the entire site.

The master bedroom has a private bathroom with a large window that offers great views. The two children's rooms are the same - a bed, a desk and a wardrobe system, as well as windows with low sills to sit and dream, oriented to a beautiful view, which allows children to watch birds and plants. Thus, each space has a unique relationship with the surrounding nature.

The modern project of a private house is located in Kharkov, Ukraine. The selection of materials and the color scheme of the facade was developed based on the wishes of the customer, and as a result, a non-trivial architectural appearance was obtained.

The maximum use of white color - white plastered walls, white profiled sheet as roofing, creates not only a unique architectural look, complemented by an asymmetric roof, but also protects the house from overheating in the summer. For visual contrast, IK-architects used contrasting solutions in the architectural project - black metal slopes on the windows, graphite window frames.

In the winter snowy period, the house will dissolve in the environment - a mirage house.

An environmentally friendly design approach is achieved through the inclusion of alternative energy sources in the project: solar panels, water collectors, which provide lighting and warm water in a residential building.

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