NJ Beauty Space by IK-architects
Project authors: Alina Doroshenko, Ekaterina Yarovaya
Location: New Jersey, USA
Project name: NJ Beauty Space
Projected area: 446.5 m2

NJ Beauty Space is a modern beauty salon located in one of the New Jersey skyscrapers, which combines Loft style with minimalistic, modern design. High ceilings and open utilities give the space a feeling of freedom and spaciousness, while the cabinet concept provides privacy in every room. The use of neutral colors such as pastel shades of grey, white, beige and black are used to create an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Each office in the salon is a kind of capsule, stylish and minimalistic, ensuring privacy for each client. . Some beauty service rooms have glass walls, allowing natural light to flood into the space, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. There are also closed rooms that provide privacy for procedures, with functional furniture and the use of modern technologies and approaches to ergonomics.

The reception area is located in the center of the salon, as an open area for meeting clients and is an excellent waiting place thanks to a comfortable sofa.

Overall, this design project aims to create a modern and stylish space for future salon clients that combines functionality and minimalist aesthetics.

NJ Beauty Space by IK-architects, New Jersey, USA.