An ideal place to be imperfect

Coffee house Sjorb by IK-architects
Project authors: Ekaterina Yarovaya
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Name of the project: Sorb Іdealne place, schob be not ideal
Projected area: 50 m2
Photographer: Sergey Terzin

Coffee house Sjorb is a small coffee house in a residential area of the city of Kharkov with an interesting philosophy: Sjorb is an ideal place, not to be ideal.
From the point of view of the philosophy of the slogan, it perfectly echoes the philosophy of wabi-sabi in the interior. In order to show an ideal non-ideal world in the interior, the architects decided to leave some of the elements that would help emphasize the idea. So in the interior there were reinforced concrete elements, a native concrete ceiling, and fire boxes with hydrants.

The main advantages of space:
– small area 50m2
– ceiling height +3.000
- native concrete ceiling and fragments of walls
- and a panoramic window

The interior design of the coffee shop was developed by the IK-architects team. The architects have chosen a laconic natural palette with bright accents and textured materials for the interior design project of the cafe.

We got a spacious hall for guests of the Sjorb coffee house, where there is a comfortable seating (for two, four and six visitors), an accent rack for selling coffee equipment.
When designing the interior, it was decided to create a design effect without design - a modern trend in which it seems that the interior was assembled from what was, the furniture was bought at a flea market and restored; there is some truth in this, it is important to develop a competent planning solution, bar and kitchen technology; zone the space according to fit, flows, etc., and then fill the interior with authentic details.

The motto of the coffee house is the ideal place, to be imperfect
Coffee shop interior design IK-architects
Photo of the interior of the coffee shop Sergey Terzin