GOSTOMEL' House by IK-architects

Project authors: Ekaterina Yarovaya, Oksana Panko

Visualization: Kristina Stavitskaya

Location: Gostomel, Ukraine

Project name: GOSTOMEL' House

Projected area: 170 m2


GOSTOMEL' House is a private cottage in which the IK architects team combines conciseness, restraint, functional solutions and dynamics, which distinguishes it from other houses. The total area of the building is 170 m2. The project was created for a family of two with the prospect of replenishing the family in the near future. The IK architects team, as always, approached the creation of the project very seriously, because every detail is important to us. That is why the functional zoning of the house was decided as convenient as possible, there is a clear division into public, semi-public and private spaces.

The project was developed for a family that dreams of moving from a large metropolis to a quiet place, not far from the city. The scope of customers' activities allows working remotely, which leads to the creation of two autonomous jobs in a private home. In the course of the discussion, important criteria for offices were identified - necessarily a lot of light, large windows to the courtyard, because we spend a lot of time at the workplace, as well as the flow of facade decoration into interior decoration.


The exterior of the house is restrained and concise. Due to the cornice passing through the contour of the building, we not only functionally identified the main areas on the street, but also made them more functional, and also added dynamics to the architecture. On the main terrace of a private house, you can see a combination of a cornice and a pergola with sealed guides. It allows you to increase the exploited area in bad weather, as well as in the summer to perform the function of sun protection. 

The project provides that the interior design of the house will support the overall concept and is made in calm, neutral colors. Thanks to the large panoramic windows, the room will be adequately lit during the day. Also, the planes of the facade adjacent to the glazing will have the same finish - inside and out, in order to create a flowing space from the inside to the outside and vice versa. 

The common space is as open as possible and flows from one zone to another. The main materials are concrete, stone, glass and wood. Natural materials and clear architectural solutions make them perfect both functionally and visually. In general, the GOSTOMEL' House project by the IK architects team embodies all the wishes and perfectly emphasizes the refined tastes of the family.

Architectural project of a private house

GOSTOMEL' House IK-architects