European Quarter Kharkiv by IK-architects
Project authors: Kristina Stavitskaya, Katerina Vasilenko, Ekaterina Yarovaya

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Project name: European Quarter
Projected area: 165 m2

Kitchen-living room




Children's room 1

Children's room 2

Guest bathroom



In a quiet and picturesque area of the city of Kharkov there is an example of a modern approach to development - the cottage community "European Quarter". And in the very heart of the town there is a house with a total area of 165 sq.m. with their own local area, creating a common living space that combines aesthetics and functionality, designed to satisfy the most sophisticated needs of the future residents of the house. Design elements and functional organization of space make this place ideal for bringing ideas to life. Passing through the entrance hall and corridor, you are greeted by a spacious living room combined with a kitchen area, made in a modern, minimalist style and pistachio color scheme, where each element has its own role in creating a harmonious atmosphere, while each element of the kitchen is functional and practical. In the living room area, in addition to the spacious sofa area, there is a fireplace, which gives the room additional coziness, and a wine cabinet, perfectly integrated into the interior, offers a large selection of drinks for spending time together with relatives and friends.

The bedroom creates an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility, where you can completely relax after a long day. A private dressing room with a cosmetic table and a bathroom with a shower and a free-standing bathtub give this room a special charm and comfort for the residents.

For creative and business activities, the house provides a spacious office where you can easily retire and concentrate on your business without interfering with the noisier inhabitants of the house.

For the youngest residents of the house, there are two separate children's rooms with bright play areas, where they will find many joyful moments and places for creativity and joint games.

The technical room is a place where all the engineering systems of the house, electrical, heating, ventilation systems, etc. are concentrated, ensuring uninterrupted operation and ease of use.

This house in the “European Quarter” is not just housing, it is a place where dreams of a comfortable and stylish life come true. Every detail of the interior includes thoughtful functionality and convenience, creating an atmosphere in which you can enjoy every moment of your life.

European Quarter by IK-architects, Kharkiv, Ukraine.