Minimalist Concept Store TTSWTRS by IK-architects
Project authors: Ekaterina Yarovaya
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Project name: TTSWTRS
Projected area: 84 m2

TTSWTRS: Minimalist Concept Store by IK-architects, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


At the end of December, a TTSWTRS store was opened in the very center of Kharkov - st. Sumska 106. The IK-architects team has transformed a former watch store into an incredibly stylish 84m2 interior with a cool urban atmosphere. A building with huge facade glazing, behind which is the most minimalist interior in the city. 

The architects needed to place an exhibition area with roof rails, art showcases, a cash register and several fitting rooms.

The task from the customers was to use predominantly white color in the interior, as well as to “fit in” the existing flooring - natural marble, neon and industrial elements in detail. IK complemented the industrial style in the interior with profiled sheeting as wall decoration in the fitting room area.

Despite the store's small size, TTSWTRS' idea is to create a sense of unity throughout the showroom space through a muted color palette using marble, cut stone and stainless steel furniture and fixtures. The store's materials, used in a modern and timeless way, complete the concept of a brand that seeks to change the way of consumption.

At the start of the project, the architects, together with the TTSWTRS team, discussed all the details: from the number of hangers on the rail to the smallest details of the organization of the showroom process. 

The task set to develop and implement the project in a month was completed by the IK-architects team on time. The doors of the showroom opened on the eve of the New Year - December 26, 2021. Free space of the room is used as a zone for  DJ, communication and dance floor. 

An ideal place for the youth community to relax, socialize or shop for TTSWTRS branded items and see the reflection of urban style, minimalism and good atmosphere.

TTSWTRS: Minimalist Concept Store by IK-architects, Kharkiv, Ukraine.