Cafe and farm store SNIDANISHNA by IK-architects
Project authors: Ekaterina Yarovaya

Project manager: Sergey Velichko

Photos: Pavel Lyutov, Dmitry Dychek
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Project name: SNIDANISHNA
Projected area: 150 m2

SNIDANYSHNA: Cafe and farm shop by IK-architects, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


In mid-March 2024, the Snidanishna cafe opened in one of the central districts of Kharkov on Nauki Avenue 35, which also acts as a store for farm, craft products, decor and handicrafts. 

The IK-architects team managed to renovate the premises of a former Italian restaurant and create an incredibly cozy interior of 150 m2 with a cool, original, Ukrainian atmosphere and no less original cuisine. The main task for the designer from the clients was to create a unique, modern Ukrainian interior, where they respect culture and traditions, but at the same time do not go into “sharovarshchina” with embroidered shirts on the walls.

The “Snidanishna” project is, first of all, a collective image of Ukraine: here you will find a sketch from the Stryisky district of the Lviv region, and a tapestry with Zmievsky steeps from the Kharkov region, dishes for serving dishes were made to order in the village of Oposhnya, Poltava region, and all the furniture in indoors is modern Ukrainian industrial design from different regions of Ukraine. This fact is an additional pride for the designer that he managed to create the interior of the 90% using products from Ukrainian manufacturers.

According to the designer’s idea, the interior was created as a single, complex space where the visual relationships of elements, furniture and light are clearly visible. This is a place where everything is in its place and it is impossible to add or remove anything from the interior, because this will negatively affect the space as a whole. The key components of a quality product are visual, spatial and tactile elements that complement the concept of the establishment, but are not the most important. First of all, high-quality design is a comfortable space for a person, requiring enormous knowledge and effort on the part of the architect. Therefore, our goal here is ergonomic solutions and stylistic techniques that complement the concept of the establishment.

SNIDANYSHNA: Cafe and farm shop by IK-architects, Kharkiv, Ukraine.