IS BEAUTIFUL / Krasivo est'

Cafe Beautifully Eat by IK-architects

Project authors: Ekaterina Yarovaya

Location: Steep descent 6/2, and st. Glubochitska 40, Kyiv, Ukraine

Project Name: Cafe Krasivo est'

Projected area: 56 / 68 m2

Photographer: Ekaterina Zolotukhina

Any successful HoReCa establishment (cafe, bar, coffee house, restaurant) starts with an idea and a desire. Inspired by the idea, several parallel processes of work on the project follow, the interior design of the cafe is included in this list, a well-thought-out interior design will help reveal your idea and display it in the interior.

The idea of Beautifully Eating is a cafe with healthy food, free of gluten, sugar, etc., and unforgettable coffee is brewed here. Now there is Beautiful - this is a network throughout Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kyiv), based on one main idea, which is interpreted differently in the interior based on the location, floor space, kitchen area, etc. Project development begins with a planning solution, space zoning, flow separation (client, staff) and allocation of the main technical areas (kitchen and bar), which must be functional.

The interior of the cafe plays a key role in how popular this place will be for visitors. Compared to a restaurant, guests come to a cafe or coffee shop not so much for the sake of food, but for the sake of meetings and dates. The whole atmosphere of the institution should be sustained in a single style, accompanying the main artistic idea - it is this design approach that allows you to combine several chains together.

A key role in the interior is occupied by the bar counter - it is always a beautiful coffee machine, a large showcase with PP desserts and a huge functional and technical area that allows you to perform a number of processes. Here, attention should always be paid to the technology of the bar, the arrangement of equipment, their proximity to each other; the location of the coffee machine is also very important, in our projects we place them on the front or side bar so that the barista always sees the guest and can communicate with him.

For a cafe, seating is very important - in the project we provided for several types of seating: tables for 2 for dates, or solitary work; tables for 4 people, as well as communal tables for 6 or more people - for large companies.

It is very interesting to work with the Krasivo est' concept in different rooms, it is complemented by new accent details: brick, concrete, different wallpapers - but the main concept remains the same - a combination of simplicity and functionality, natural colors, the obligatory use of a corporate pattern, and most importantly, warm, accent light, which reveals the details and elements of the interior, highlighting them.

Today, three Krasivo est' cafes are open, and for each of them, the IK architects team developed an interior design. This publication presents photos of interiors in Kyiv.

Photo of the interior of the cafe Ekaterina Zolotukhina

Cafe interior design project IK-architects

Photo of the interior of the cafe Beautifully Eat