2Dwell House

2Dwell House by IK-architects
Project authors: Ekaterina Yarovaya
Visualization: Kristina Stavitskaya
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Project Name: 2Dwell House
Projected area: 268 m2

The project of this two-story residential building with large windows overlooking nature is located in a charming landscape in the vastness of Ukraine, between oak groves and endless fields. Initially, the architectural concept was only to develop a small country house, but an assessment of the needs of the customer, the surrounding potential of the territory, made it possible to develop a full-fledged house in the center of a vast agricultural area.

In addition, a swimming pool had to be built a few tens of meters away, creating a visual connection between the living room and the relaxation area. It is supposed to use sliding panoramic windows, which in the summer period will erase the boundary between the place and the interior and exterior space.

Hence the proposal to zone this seemingly large area of the living room and turn it into an outbuilding, into a space for living and hospitality. A secluded space in winter with a double-sided fireplace and a multifunctional, open space in summer.
The fusion of architecture and nature is at the core of the project, with several essential design elements serving to define an interior space that maintains a strong visual and material continuity with the surrounding landscape.

The result is a small house with a pitched roof, a swimming pool and large windows overlooking the surrounding countryside.
The western location of the windows forms a chamber terrace, with an open barbecue area and a lounge area. A barbecue area with upholstered outdoor furniture is an element of the hearth in the evening.

The living space is continuous, with several elements that smoothly flow into various functional areas: the first floor - public zone - entrance group, wardrobe, kitchen-living room, bathroom and auxiliary rooms. The second floor is a private zone - here are the master bedroom, children's, dressing rooms and bathrooms.
In this project, we also focused on the details, such as the hidden gate and garage door, as well as the hidden drain hidden in the façade. The façade is ventilated, painted, clad in rebated metal and sheathed in black painted spruce planks to give the impression of Scandinavian minimalism and luxury.

2Dwell House was designed for a young family of four by IK Architects. The project of this house was designed on a slope, surrounded by impressive surroundings. The advantage of this territory is the distance from the city center by 10 kilometers, and the territory is distinguished by a harmonious combination of the advantages of urban infrastructure and the beautiful landscape of the slopes that open from the house as an excellent view.

Architectural project of a private house
2Dwell House IK-architects